Veterinary Assistant - Central Preparation (Veterinary Health Center)

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

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Posted: May 24, 2022

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Job Description

About this Role:

This Veterinary Assistant position is responsible for ensuring surgical instruments are properly cleaned and repacked. These items are then to be sterilized and returned to surgery sections in a sterile condition. Additional responsibilities include ensuring surgical supplies and commodities are maintained in adequate quantities for use, and surgical linens are properly washed. This position will work a varying shift between 7 am-7 pm.

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Duties / Responsibilities:

Assist with ancillary support services within the VHC, to include, but not be limited to the following:
Preparing surgical instruments and linen packs for decontamination as they return from surgery. Load contaminated instruments into sonic cleaner or instrument washer. Visually inspect all instruments for traces of contamination when cycles are complete (i.e. remaining blood or tissue fragments). Place instruments in appropriate racks/trays as defined in the assembly manual, (i.e. spay pack, orthopedic pack, arthroscopic pack, etc.). Transport instruments to clean room.
Prepare surgical instruments and packs for sterilization. Inspect instruments for sharpness or damage. Remove and report instruments in need of repair. Ensure packs/trays are properly assembled, and packaged/wrapped as defined in the assembly manual. Wrap specifically so items are to surgeon’s specifications, and all instruments and supplies are oriented so the pack may be opened maintaining a sterile field around its outer perimeter.
Sterilization of surgical packs and supplies. Properly load, wrap, tape, and identify (contents and date sterilized.) instrument packs in the correct sterilizer appropriate for the type of pack being sterilized, and set the machine to the appropriate cycle settings. Complete sterilization load logs. Upon completion of cycles, remove packs, interpret control monitors (i.e. cycle printouts, autoclave tape color changes, biologicals, etc.) to determine if sterilizers functioned properly and each pack has been appropriately processed.
Prepare gauze/sponges, towels, needle packs, and other medical supplies so each contains a specified number of items, with each is oriented and labeled according to the assembly manual.
Launder and fold surgical linens, towels and uniforms. Packing, wrapping, and sterilization of surgical gowns, following approved sterile techniques.
Maintain a clean and orderly work area by participating in daily cleaning tasks. - Routine maintenance and cleaning of all machines and equipment within the Central Preparation (CP) department. - Routine cleaning of counters and shelving containing sterile packs and other commodities.
Assist in training of new employees in specific techniques associated with performing sterile pack preparation procedures and other duties within the department.
Organization and set up of surgery carts and other specialty carts.
Assist in maintaining and monitoring equipment, materials, supplies and other commodities utilized daily in support of client, teaching and research procedures at the Veterinary Health Center in accordance with established protocols and procedures. Assuring that all items have been serviced according to the preventive maintenance protocol, are functional, clean and available for future procedures. This includes returning partially used commodities into service or initiating proper disposal of them in order to maintain an adequate inventory of supplies and materials. - Provide requests to supervisor (or other purchasing personnel in supervisor’s absence) for reordering of commodities.
Perform daily tasks to ensure the Self-Help Laboratory is operational. These tasks include: cleaning, stocking, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment, reporting equipment in need of repair to supervisor (or SSD or other procurement officer in supervisor’s absence). Quarterly duties in self-help include: maintaining MSDS book, appropriate signage, and evaluating the need for par levels adjustments.
Participate in after-hours emergency on call rotation to include weekends and holidays.
Provide assistance to Veterinary Nurses in both small animal and large animal surgical nurses stations and operating rooms to include but not limited to the following: - Assist in breakdown of tables and instrument preparation for transport to CP department.
Perform other duties as requested by Central Prep Nursing Supervisor, Director of Surgical Support Services, Health Care Technician II, or Veterinary Health Center Administrator or Director by following procedures developed for the KSU-VHC.
Be an effective and dependable employee by beginning each day with a clean, neat uniform, establish and maintain good work habits, maintain a positive, professional relationship with faculty, staff, students and clients demonstrating behavior that is conducive to harmonious working relationships.
Required Minimum Qualifications:

High School Diploma
One year of relevant experience

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