Associate Dean, Computer Sciences and Information Systems

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake City, UT

Job posting number: #7058525

Posted: July 15, 2019

Job Description

Job Summary
SLCC’s Associate Deans are primarily responsible for shaping a division’s success, growth, and future. They have a direct influence over the professional growth and development of individual faculty and students. The work and effort of effective Associate Deans transcends routine management tasks. Associate Deans must clarify, communicate, and implement the department’s vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, and expectations. Acting as the primary spokesperson for assigned
faculty and students, Associate Deans work with the College administration, peer institutions, the community, and prospective students in the critical areas of curriculum development, recruitment, and retention. They must proactively facilitate professional teamwork among faculty members in order to achieve the desired vision and mission as the best skills, knowledge, and attitudes of faculty are implemented in a collective effort to achieve that end. Because of the impact of their leadership, Associate Deans must be carefully selected, trained, and mentored as they accomplish this crucial role.

The Associate Dean, Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) plays a key leadership role in the CSIS Division and serves as a member of the School of Business Leadership Team. Under minimal supervision, the Associate Dean performs complex assignments and fulfills broad responsibilities related to program review, curriculum development, purchasing, coordination of faculty teaching schedules, synchronization of class activities for budgetary efficiencies, budget management, and efficient use of instructional space.

The Associate Dean, drawing on extensive experience as an educator in career and technical education at the college level, develops effective methods and procedures for improving the quality, image, and effectiveness of the Computer Science programs. The Associate Dean will have full supervisory authority over faculty and staff assigned to the CSIS Division.

The Associate Dean will foster teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation while creating a shared vision for the CSIS Division. The Associate Dean will have considerable latitude and will be expected to confer with the Dean on a regular basis.

The Associate Dean, CSIS:

1. Provide effective supervision for faculty and staff assigned to the Division.

2. Provide effective leadership for department faculty and staff.

3. Provide effective management of Division SLCC resources.

4. Employ effective motivation strategies for faculty and staff.

This position is at-will.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties
1. Provide leadership, support and supervision for department or division faculty and staff.
2. Coordinate department or division faculty and staff in endeavors to achieve the College’s mission and strategic plan.
3. Help the department or division faculty to establish an appropriate vision and appropriate goals that have a clear tie to the College’s mission and coordinate efforts to achieve those goals.
1. Assist the Dean in developing new and modifying existing programs to promote student learning outcomes and program effectiveness. This may involve activities such as the following: Collecting and utilizing survey data and student interest data; developing program grant proposals; developing program budgets and cost data; determining program impact; preparing and coordinating articulation agreements; implementing Concurrent Enrollment processes; coordinating transfer information; coordinating utilization of facilities.
2. Initiate, plan, and oversee implementation of all academic offerings in the division or
department, with appropriate involvement of assigned faculty and staff, the Dean, and
College planning bodies. Whenever appropriate, utilize and report the advice of Program Advisory Committees (PACs) and provide staff support for PACs.
3. Along with Deans, take a leading role in academic program quality and assessment of student learning outcomes. Serve on the school AD Council, Curriculum Committee and other committees as assigned. Assist with department and College-wide evaluations for agencies such as the Board of Regents, the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities, and provide leadership for disciplinary and/or professional accreditation.
4. Ensure inter-department/inter-division coordination and cooperation, communicating effectively with the Dean, the department members, and other members of the College community.
5. Meet with department or division members on a regular basis to ensure coordination, communication, and dissemination of information.
6. Ensure that the class schedule meets student needs while at the same time being fiscally responsible and efficient. Participate in College-wide scheduling processes in a timely manner, meeting all established deadlines. Coordinate with regional directors in scheduling classes at the College’s various sites. When classes must be canceled, coordinate with affected students, the Scheduling Office, and facilities administrators.
Support the exploration, scheduling, improvement, and use of learning modalities and delivery methods, including flexibly scheduled learning, distance learning, and classroom technologies.
8. Ensure that the College catalog is accurate, well written and current. Assist in the preparation of all relevant College documents including the class schedule, brochures, etc.
9. Maintain an inventory of current course syllabi, and monitor the development of new and revised syllabi.
1. Serve as liaison for the department or division, especially for students. This requires that the an ADs office is covered such that faculty, students and staff will find the ADs office attended and open for business during regular business hours.
2. Coordinate with Student Services and department or division members to provide
appropriate advisement and consultation for students in department and division
3. Coordinate with student Services and faculty members to recruit students to department or division programs.
4. Participate in admission processes for selective programs and help adjudicate student grievances as described in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and serve as a liaison for students and adjunct faculty members.
5. Promote successful student transfer and/or job placement and/or cooperative education placement.
6. Coordinate with Student Services in the administration of financial aid and scholarships.

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